Friday, 27 February 2009

Collaborative Brief

Me and Amy chose to do the 02 brief of "bringing to life the idea that we're better connected". Our plan is to re-deasign the packaging for the 02 mobile phones so that the boxes interlock or connect in some way to communicate the idea that we are better connected.

We were also thinking of ideas to go on the outside of the box. And to put a new twist on 02's current image that involves bubbles we thought of using a photograph of 2 people blowing bubble gum bubbles towards each other so they touch or connect. Again to communicate the idea that we are better connected. Because there were only 2 of us in the lighting studion we didn't have enough hands to push the shutter while both of us blew bubbles I had to photoshop the image below, but it gives you an idea of how the idea would work. If we decide to take this idea further we would obviously shoot it properly with lots of different people.


While we were in the lighting studio we wanted to consider some other ideas for the outside of the box. We were shooting photos of bubbles, we decided to shoot them on a black background so that it would give a slightly different twist on 02's current blue bubbles. We took over 400 images, above are 80 of the best.

One of our ideas was to use the spectrum of colours that appear in the bubbles as a colour scheme for our packaging. In the brief 02 said they want to keep things simple positive and fresh "As a brand we aim to be warm and optimistic. Like a breath of fresh air", I think the colours and images that you get from the bubbles would communicate this quite well. And we could use the interconnecting way the packaging is designed to communicate the idea that we are better connected.

Another of our ideas was to use an image of a bubble touching a hand to communicate the idea we are better connected.

The very millisecond that the bubble burst.