Monday, 9 March 2009


This was another idea for the type on the front of the box. It is really just a natural progression from the other connected that I thought about before. I wanted to experiment with using colour in the typography on the top of the box, so I created some swatches from the colours in the photographs of bubbles that we took in the lighting studio. Instead of slicing up the word connected into 2 layers I sliced it into four and set each layer in a different colour from the bubbles. The type could still work on the two layers of the mobile phone box and its slip case because I would put two colours on each. 

The four separate slices of the word connected all in a different colour.

The two layers of connected that would actually be printed on the slip case and the mobile phone box, the top one would be printed on the slip case and the bottom one on the box. Obviously the slip case would be die cut to let the layer below show through.

All four layers combined to create the word "connected". 

I quite like it when the layers don't line up perfectly (CLICK TO VIEW LARGER), it creates a really interesting effect, also as the layers move into position or are moved away from each other so the word is illegible they look really colourful and interesting, this could be easily animated.

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